Light Wind Traditional Afghani Kites Demo!

Afghan Kite taken for a demo fly, from start to finish:

Wind Rage: About 3-5 mph

- Wind shifts to the right on this clip

Kite Featured:  The Medieval Shield
Kite Dimension: ( 35"w x 31"1/2t )

Afghan Kite making a beautiful landing  after a long distance flight!

Afghan Kite taken for a demo fly, from start to finish:

Wind Rage: About 3-5 mph
Kite Featured: The Stingray
Kite Dimension: ( 37"w x 30"t )

Afghan Kite taken for a demo at Sunset:

Wind Range: About 8 mph
Kite Featured: Classic - Green
Kite Dimension: ( 22"w x 20"t )

Afghan Fighter Kite warming up for Battle:

Wind Range: About 5 mph
Kite Featured: Stunt Jet
Kite Dimension: ( 23"w x 22"t )

Light wind Traditional Afghani Kites, Sacramento CA