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Your home of Afghan Kites for sale

We specialize in handmade traditional light wind Afghan kites made from light paper and bamboo sticks, for this reason they do not require a lot of wind ( ideal wind range 3-7 mph ) and can be flown just a few yards high or if you like and have long enough string, you can fly them hundreds of yards high.


These kites are very popular in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and India ( As displayed in our Gallery ). Kids as well as adults are very passionate about these kites and fly them on regular basis, in Afghanistan it was more common during winter due to kids being out of school and the windy days


At, we like to give everyone an opportunity to try these kites themselves, they are not very hard to fly and with some tips, clips offered on our site and some practice you will be on your way to the sky.


Yellow Afghan-Kite Slow Motion Landing! 

Please click on our Video Clips Tab for more amazing clips!


Afghan Kites for sale


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What Sets Us Apart

Each of our Kite is unique and come in different designs and colors. The kite you see and purchase will be the exact kite you will receive! In addition:

- The string in each kite has been tightened and adjusted professionally by us.

- Each kite has been balanced.

- And have been tested at least once.

By the time you get your hands on one, it will be ready to Fly!

Sleek and Stylish Afghan Kites for Sale
Afghan Kite String
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